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Written by our product experts, these useful step-by-step guides are the quick and easy way to find the information you need. Our advice guides bring together information from across Which? into useful, bite-sized servings.

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Protecting your data online made easy

Discover how to identify and deal with viruses and security threats, how to stay safe when banking online and the best ways to back up your files remotely. Stay safe and confident whenever you boot up your PC.

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Growing veg, fruit and herbs made easy

From garden salad leaves to windowsill herbs, find out how to grow some of the most popular vegetables, fruits and herbs at home.

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Your laptop problems solved

Having trouble with your laptop? Our guide covers everything from general troubleshooting to preventing security threats, along with answers to common queries from our Computing Helpdesk.

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The Which? guide to using Windows® 10

Get up to speed on Windows 10. This guide provides straightforward advice on using the latest Windows operating system for everyday computing tasks – including connecting a printer, choosing the right programs and backing up your data.

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Smartphones made easy

A straightforward, step-by-step guide to using your smartphone – from setting it up to downloading essential apps. Discover how to take and transfer photos, make video calls, and store and sync your data.

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Make the most of your tablet

Learn how to unlock your tablet’s potential. This guide explains how to add music, photos and documents to your device, add the accessories you might need and enjoy using it for hobbies, pastimes and entertainment.

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